Congratulations to all the other personnel that were nominated for Q1 and Q2 Shine 2020.

We are so pleased to recognise 12 of our family members for the first two quarters of 2020.

  • Brian Knight (Beryl Bravo)
  • Abdul Mkith (Beryl Bravo)
  • Steve Cowie (Forties Charlie)
  • Bobby Geddes (Beryl Alpha)
  • Scott Mair (WilPheonix)
  • Chris Casey (EnQuest Producer)
  • Derek Smith (WellEnhancer)
  • Sandy Fraser (Deep Discoverer)
  • Antonio Esposito (Valaris JU-92)
  • Nikki Paterson (Sage St Fergus)

They have all be awarded a night at the beautiful Gleneagles Hotel.

Grandel Ramos (Deep Energy) and Jaqueline Fernandez (Deep Discoverer) will be awarded $250.

In recognition of the contribution that all our teams have made over this challenging and difficult time, no team will be awarded Team of the Quarter, however the charity donation will be made to both VSA and Friends of Anchor.