The International Culinary Olympics seen over 32 National teams at the Exhibition Hall in Stuttgart, Germany battling it out for their place on the medals table.

Entier Culinary Team

Team Scotland consisted of three members of the Entier Family; Orry Shand Executive chef, who led the team as Captain with Entier Head chef Craig Palmer and Chef Manager Rory Taylor who brought the team of 8 together to represent Scotland.

‘From land and sea to plate’ was the Scottish teams thinking behind their creations. Their dishes showed their real passion for the finest, freshest Scottish Seasonal produce.

The Scottish team were rewarded with 2 Silver Medals in the main competitions: Restaurant of Nations and Chefs Table, which landed them 13th Place on the Medals table resulting in the best results since 2006.

Tasks were in place to allow teams to showcase style and cooking traditions from their own country and the skills of the individual team members.

Teams were asked to prepare a Chef’s Table for 12 people, this had to include Seven different dishes. The Scottish team delivered a selection of different platters and finger food, showcasing Scottish Lobster, Sea Trout, Smocked Haddock and other local ingredients used in our traditional dishes. Judges watched closely for creative performance, perfection and precision but also assessed on time management of the team, cleanliness in the kitchen, work organisation and final presentation of the food.

On day two, it was the ‘Restaurant of Nations’, this was a 3-course meal for 110 covers which had to include a Langoustine and Halibut starter, a roe deer, semolina gnocchi and a game sausage main course.

Scotland presented a mouth-watering starter including Gigha Halibut, Shrimp miso butter. Mousseline, langoustine, seaweed tartlet, broccoli and a langoustine sauce. For Main course was Scottish Borders roe deer loin, sausage, ragout onion, red cabbage puree and a semolina gnocchi and to finish off the team delivered a Rhubarb mousse, pistachio, poached rhubarb, stem ginger ice cream and choux.

Sixty Jurors from participating countries assessed and watched each team closely, evaluating their performance and deciding on either gold, silver or bronze award.

Team captain, Orry Shand said: “We are immensely proud of our result on the world cooking stage. We all worked extremely hard to achieve this and I thank all the team members and Scottish Chefs for the organisation. The quality of the produce that we used from Scotland was first class and I thank all our sponsors for their outstanding support.

The Entier family are so proud of the effort and time dedicated from the Scottish Team to achieve this, and we are delighted to have supported the team with sponsorship and providing vans for transporting all the equipment over to Germany. The Scottish team are a credit to us and the Hospitality Industry.