Business must carry on in the life of our Guide Dogs puppy Olive.


Olive has been learning so many new skills since our last pupdate, one new skill she has been working on is recall, on the free runs which she’s been able to enjoy since receiving the last of her vaccinations. Janice (Olives wonderful boarder) said that her recall is good currently, although she can get easily distracted, and when that happens, she likes to come back in her own time, rather than as soon as she’s called. This is very typical behaviour of a pup of her age, and luckily, she is a very food-orientated pup, so Janice plans to use some high-value treats to help with this.

We are not surprised Olive loves her food as it runs in the Entier Family passion for outstanding food!

Keep up the good work Olive we look forward to sharing your next report card.