As part of Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2024, we caught up with our Executive Chef, Orry Shand, to find out a bit more about him, and ultimately what factors influenced him to get to where he is today.

Orry is a mentor for our current Fresh Olive Chef Apprentices, guiding and training them to become future chefs. This means he is personally invested in the success of each apprentice. We get some insights from Orry as to why you should consider a Fresh Olive Apprenticeship, and becoming a member of the Entier Family.

Orry Shand - Executive Chef at Entier

Could you introduce yourself, your job title and how long you’ve been with the company?

“Hi, my name is Orry Shand, and I am the Executive Chef at Entier. I joined the Entier Family in 2017, so it will be seven years this August since I’ve been at the company.”

Why did you choose/what motivated you to get involved in this industry?

“My motivation to join this industry was driven by my genuine love of food and my fascination with the art of cooking. My love for cooking began during Home Economics in school, and from my obsession with watching chefs and cooking shows on TV, especially Gary Rhodes. My desire to turn this into a fulfilling and rewarding career grew from this."

What awards/achievements are you most proud of?

“From 2019-2021, I was honoured to be recognised as the Scottish Chef of the Year. Winning this prestigious award not only reflected my dedication to the craft but also acknowledged the hard work, creativity, and commitment that I bring to the kitchen.

I've also had the privilege of representing Scotland on an international stage at this years IKA Culinary Olympics, where I was the team manager. I’m proud to say that team Scotland secured two silver medals. Competing at the Culinary Olympics is an extraordinary experience that demands the highest level of skill, innovation, and precision. I’m extremely proud of everything that team Scotland achieved.”

Why would you recommend an apprenticeship with Entier?

“I would highly recommend an apprenticeship with Entier because it provides an inclusive and encouraging environment for individuals starting their culinary journey, and is extremely beneficial for anyone starting with no previous knowledge. The combination of a positive workplace culture, one-to-one tutoring, alongside exposure to the different divisions within the industry that Entier operate in, such as Offshore catering, Weddings and Events, and Onshore and Corporate catering, makes Entier an ideal place for apprentices to learn, grow, and develop a solid foundation for a successful career in the culinary arts.”

Why is an apprenticeship a stepping stone into the world of work?

“An apprenticeship serves as a stepping stone into the world of work by offering a unique combination of earning while learning and also gaining a realistic understanding of the workplace. This approach ensures that apprentices not only acquire the necessary skills they need but also develop the practical know-how and resilience needed to thrive in the dynamic and competitive world of work.”

What are some of the key skills a Fresh Olive Chef would learn during their apprenticeship?

“The Fresh Olive Chef Apprenticeship is a robust and diverse training program designed to equip apprentices with a broad range of skills crucial for success in the culinary industry. As a Fresh Olive Chef apprentice, you can expect to develop the necessary skills in several key areas such as butchery, fish mongering, knife skills, communication skills, COSHH, HACCP, and so much more. At the end of the apprenticeship, you leave with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to set you up for a career in the industry.”

Where can a Fresh Olive apprenticeship lead? What are the types of careers/prospects for graduates?

“A Fresh Olive apprenticeship can lead to exciting and diverse career paths within the culinary industry and related sectors. The versatility of the skills you receive during the apprenticeship ensures that graduates are well-equipped to pursue their passion however they see fit, whether that be in the restaurants and hotels sector, opening a food business of their own, going into the events side of the industry, or even moving to some of the non-cooking aspects of the industry. The world is their oyster.”

Any advice for future apprentices coming into our industry?

“My advice for new apprentices coming into the industry would be to be like a sponge – soak it all up.

Embrace the learning opportunities, apply yourself wholeheartedly, and make the most out of this stage in your culinary journey. The industry is dynamic and rewarding, and by being like a sponge, you'll not only absorb the skills but also the passion that makes the culinary industry so captivating.”

The current Fresh Olive Chef Apprentices at Entier (from left: Oliver, Glen, Kai and Joe)