Last night the crew on JU-121 had an amazing evening which they will remember for many years!

Nick Nairn onboard Valaris

Nick came onboard the Rig yesterday afternoon, once he had been through all the safety procedures and Covid test. He was then ready to meet the team who were all really looking forward to the service ahead with Nick.

Before Nick had arrived the team had been extremely busy ensuring the preparation for dinner and tables were set ready for the crew to arrive.

To make the evening that bit more special for everyone, dinner service was served to the table where we had non alcoholic beers and our Entier tartan runners. Once Nick had gone through the finishing touches for each dish, the team were ready to welcome the first sitting at 5:30pm, followed by another sitting at 6:15pm then 7pm. In between each sitting the team had to ensure that the tables were turned around, reset and sanitized.

The evening was a huge success, lots of social distanced selfies and to top the night off the team received outstanding feedback from all the crew.

Nick Nairn Posset