"Despite Covid 19 restrictions I’ve been very busy lately, with my days filled with all sorts of things.

Olive Merry Xmas

I’m very good in shops and will wait patiently until my human eventually makes up her mind what she’s buying. We also visit cafes regularly, and I’ve learned that it’s best to quietly settle down under the table. I usually get a filled bone to gnaw on which helps pass the time, but sometimes I wonder how many coffees my human needs in a week!

I use buses and trains with confidence, but I prefer trains because there is less movement. I like it when we go into town as there are lots of different smells and noises and things to see. I’ve seen some very peculiar things – I’m particularly interested in street cleaning machines and buskers, at which times I like to stop to have a good look and figure out what’s going on. I also tend to get lots of encouragement and treats from my human when we see things like that, so … result. I’ve noticed that the pigeons and gulls in town are very bold and will come very close to me. My instinct is to chase them off … although I don’t do this I still like to keep a close eye on them.

A few months ago (before things were locked down again) I went with my human to see a museum exhibition. We were there for HOURS … even though it was soooo boring I behaved impeccably, you wouldn’t know I was there. I tried giving a few hints by sighing each time we stopped to look at something else but it was no use, we saw it through to the end.

But it’s not all work, I meet up with my pals quite regularly. That’s great fun … we run and run, play fight, wallow in muddy dubs and roll in really smelly dead things. My human's never very happy about that last one and I usually end up getting a bath when we get home (yuk).

All in all, life is good.

Love, Olive xxx"