At Entier Ltd, our commitment to investing in the communities where we operate extends far beyond local boundaries. Partnering with Seacrest Maritime, we've contributed to an impactful outreach programme dedicated to fostering hope and nourishment for children in need.

Through this ongoing partnership with Seacrest Maritime, we have been taken across oceans to the Philippines, where Concordia Children's Services stands as a beacon of care and support for underprivileged children. With our support of the outreach programme, we were able to facilitate the provision of essential necessities such as fruits, vegetables, meat, clothing, and books to Concordia Children's Services. By supplying these fundamental elements, we aimed to enhance their well-being and create an environment where they can thrive.

Founded in 1983, Concordia Children's Services isn't just about meeting physical needs, they are committed to providing education, spiritual guidance, and a nurturing space for these children to flourish.

At Entier Ltd we understand that investing in communities is not limited by borders, it's a global responsibility we fully embrace. Together with Seacrest Maritime, we continue to seek opportunities to support causes that resonate with our values.

To find out more about the amazing work that Concordia Children Services do, visit: