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Our passion for safety is paramount and safe working is a key driver for all employees as we aim to deliver incident free operations and service delivery to our clients and customers. We continually implement best practice to improve our safety performance.

We believe that our people are our greatest asset. Workforce involvement, personal responsibility for safety and strong leadership are key drivers for the business, and we take time to ensure our commitment to the Entier safety culture is communicated and understood by all.


Entier's Management System

The Entier Management System (EMS) has been developed since Entier started and covers all areas of the business. As Entier has kept growing, the EMS has been expanded to take into account all new or transformed business areas, and to ensure that staff members can work to a safe standard at all times.

Our teams are all taught the correct practices to use from our EMS, which contains forms that help our employees carry out their day-to-day jobs, including everything from temperature recording to maintenance to cleaning schedules and are made user-friendly so that everybody can do their jobs with ease.


Having everyone working to the standards set out in our EMS helps to develop our safety culture within our teams as well as our business as a whole. It also enables us to ensure that we meet the standards expected by our clients, uphold our various quality management and safety standards, and to keep people within our teams being catered for safely.

Besides keeping a strong focus on Health, Safety, Environment & Quality as well as the procedures and systems that help support it, we are also keen to 'give back' and make a positive impact on society. Find out more about Entier and Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) -

Entier & ESG

Our Credentials

Our safety management system is supported by ISO certification to the following standards, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 27001:2013 and OHSAS 45001:2018 ensuring our teams deliver a consistent level of service in line with current legislation, best industry practice and continuous improvement opportunities. Furthermore, in 2022 we received our first SEQual accreditation as well as in 2021 being recertified for FPAL. We take great pride in our scoring and complying with these accrediting bodies.

Our Accreditations

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Certificate of Audit


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SEQual Certificate of Registration


Standards you can trust

FOOD SAFETY EXCELLENCE • Ensuring our customers receive food that is wholesome and fit to eat is paramount within the Entier business. Our HACCP based food safety management system is certified to the ISO 22000 - 2018 standard ensuring we are compliant with current food safety legislation across all sites and production units.

ALLERGEN MANAGEMENT • We are leading the way by ensuring that our chefs and food service teams are fully trained in “Allergen Management” meeting the service requirements of Allergic and Food intolerant customers giving confidence in our ability to safely manage and deliver customer and client specific requests.

ENVIRONMENT • Entier are fully aware of the potential impact our operations may have on the environment and our need to work both internally and with our supply chain partners in achieving carbon footprint reductions and combat climate change. Our employees all receive Resource Efficiency training and we are committed to delivering reductions by locally sourcing to reduce delivered food mile impact, reductions in unit produced food waste, reductions in energy use, fuels, water and equipment.

QUALITY MANAGEMENT • The quality management system, certified to ISO 9001-2015, is a key component part of the Entier Management System. The quality management system allows the business to deliver a consistent quality focussed service to our customers and clients and drives continuous improvement opportunities within the business.

ACHILLES FPAL VERIFY • The audit report reflects the detailed findings and scoring from the FPAL Verify process which supports the FPAL Advanced Registration scheme for elements relating to the management of Quality (9.0); Health & Safety (9.2); Environment (8.5); and Competence & Training (8.9). Entier achieved excellent scores in each of the audited areas in 2017. The results of the external verification audit fully support our continuous improvement goals and our employees’ commitment to maintaining and delivering consistently high standards across our business streams.


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