Creating our talent pipeline

One of Entier’s key strategic objectives is to continue to provide our people with the highest standard of training and development opportunities in our sector in order to maintain our exemplary retention rates.

As part of this strategy, we are very proud to have created a credible talent pipeline for tomorrow through our ‘Fresh Olive’ Apprenticeship Programme, an exciting and realistic first-class experience into the catering industry and our business - all earning while learning.

Fresh Olive Programme


Our Management Training Programme

In the catering industry, we are very aware of an ever-increasing ‘skills gap’ and so to tackle this, we have developed a unique Management Training Programme which will provide our Fresh Olives with a first-class and exciting experience where they will gain real insight into the catering industry and across various parts of our business.

The key objective of our Management Programme is to develop our Fresh Olives - both culinary and office support - into becoming confident, competent and professional individuals who will become our Managers of tomorrow.

We believe it is important to educate all of our apprentices on the importance of knowing how our business works, including how our supply chain works, which is why we encourage experiential activities and trips for ALL of our Fresh Olives.

Key areas of learning within the 3-year Management Programme

YEAR 1 - The 'front line'

All Olives attend and support the Events side our business enabling an understanding of the importance of team work and communication on the ‘front line’. Our apprentice Chefs will spend some time doing work experience in a local high-end restaurant or hotel to get an insight into different types of kitchen work.

YEAR 2 - A different perspective

We ‘swap’ some of our Olives around e.g. move one from our Perthshire operation with one from our Aberdeen operation to allow them to see what the differences are in the different sides of our business. Our Chef apprentices will spend several nights away from home at high-class establishments throughout Scotland learning the ropes from other experts in our field.

YEAR 3 - The next step

Olives will be exposed to further training and managerial responsibilities as a way for them to decide what the next step in their career with Entier is. They will also do work experience at local businesses to get insight in to how different companies and different sectors operate. Our Chef apprentices will do a full week's work placement at a high-class establishment nationally, to gain an understanding of how other businesses in our sector operate in high pressure environments.
Fresh Olives3high

Fresh Olive Activity programme

In addition to the planned activities within the 3-year programme for our Chefs, all of our Fresh Olives will also participate in several experiential activities as well as being allocated group tasks and social events including the following -

Supplier Days

Twice a year, all Fresh Olives will visit our suppliers to gain an understanding of the process involved. This year we have been to Peterhead fish market and Mcwilliams butcher’s abattoir. These will vary each year.

Foraging days

Foraging days in Comrie woods to source local wild produce.

Business Project

2 groups of Fresh Olives to work on a business project with the aim to raise money for our nominated charity

Chef Demo

Every quarter hold Chef demonstration days at the Entier Training Academy where our Fresh Olives will observe world-class Chefs such as Nick Nairn, or our own talented Chefs from across our business who have worked at Michelin star restaurants throughout the world.

Fresh Olives Social Network

Regularly, all Fresh Olives get together for the movies, bowling etc. accompanied by members of the management team, to build on an important relationship as our future generation of managers.

Fresh Olive Profiles


Joining Entier in July 2019, Tayler is currently working her way through her 3rd year of the Fresh Olive Apprenticeship and her SVQ Level 3 Business & Admin. Working within the HSEQ department, Tayler supports the team in looking after the Entier Culture Model and its supporting Initiatives.


Kai is currently in his first year of the Fresh Olive Chef Apprenticeship, having joined Entier in June 2021. Kai had already started his journey towards becoming a Chef when he applied for the apprenticeship, as he had been undertaking his Professional Cookery qualification at NESCOL. He realized that joining Entier would provide him with real kitchen experiences, as his course work had to be transferred to online dur to the covid 19 pandemic.

Kai was delighted when he was accepted on to the culinary apprenticeship programme, as he had already spent some time with the Entier team during his school work experience. Since joining Entier, he has enjoined learning new cooking skills and working alongside the ‘amazing chefs’.


Ross is currently in his first year of the Fresh Olive Chef Apprenticeship, having joined Entier in June 2021. While at school and college, Ross developed a passion for food and cooking while working part time in kitchens. This passion is what attracted him to the Fresh Olive Chef apprenticeship scheme, as he was looking for an opportunity to progress and develop his chef skills and realised that this was an exciting training opportunity which would allow him to work alongside experienced chefs while gaining a professional Culinary qualification.

Since joining Entier, Ross has enjoyed being able to experience different types of cooking, where he has worked at the production kitchen at The Olive House, as well as our client site in Kingswells. Ross says that he has learnt “something new every day”, and puts this down to his supportive colleagues and the good working relationships that he has already developed within the team.


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