A long-term commitment for Entier

ESG can be described as a company’s endeavour to 'do more than business', having concern for the social and environmental implications of its activities and working effectively to make a better general impact.

Ever since Entier was created, this has been at the heart of what we do.

From a corporate perspective, this translates into a carefully followed ESG plan, on an ongoing basis. Our ESG strategy makes us focus on the risks and opportunities that can impact Entier’s ability to create long-term value.

For the Entier Family, it means making a positive contribution to society and the communities we operate in. We call it 'Giving Back'.

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Investing in the communities we operate in

This is one of our key values and part of our business strategy. We have committed to using local suppliers for our business, in each country, and to the growth of local economies ensuring supplier/client business sustainability enhancement.

It has had a significant impact on our international growth, which in turn led to the Queens Award for Enterprise in International Trade in 2016.

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Aiming to 'Do The Right Thing'

Sustainability is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability is a huge subject for Entier. It informs every decision we make and steers how we interact with the people and organisations that we engage with.

Entier has and will always commit to doing the right thing with integrity whilst prioritising looking after the Entier family, our valued Clients and Customers and our Supply Chain, ensuring sustainability and ethical sourcing.

This involves setting precise objectives in Good Health & Well-Being, Gender Equality & Climate Action, aligning with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals which we aim to follow.

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Environment & Climate Action

Picture: Donmouth Nature Reserve, Old Aberdeen

Our focus on sustainability also impacts how we use the world’s resources in order to fulfil our business, and how we manage waste.

Our main objective is minimising both our impact on the world’s resources and any harmful waste we produce.

Entier is accredited to ISO 14001 since June 2012.

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Social, Good Health & Well-Being

Entier is a people company and one of our values is 'Placing people at the heart of our ambition'. This is reflected by measures, procedures and programmes that ensure Good Health and Well-Being in general.

To name a few - the Fresh Olives Apprenticeship Programme, Building a Positive Workplace Culture, Training & Development, Talent Management, Employee Recognition Awards, Social Integration, Ensuring a Safe and Healthy Working Environment, Mental Health First Aiders, Reduction in Sickness due to Medical Management Intervention, Continuous Communication thanks to the Blink App...

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Web Gender Pay Gap Report 2022


Equality & Diversity - Eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce, ensuring that equality and diversity are embedded in the workplace.

Gender Pay Gap - Working actively to reduce the gender pay gap - view our Gender Pay Gap Reports

Modern-Day Slavery & Human Trafficking Policy - view the Policy

Malpractice - Encouraging a culture of openness within our organisation, prompting all workers to communicate and raise issues, thereby aiming to prevent malpractice.

Cyber Security - Entier has achieved ISO 27001 Information Security Management as at the end of April 2021 - view our ISO 27001 certificate

Anti Bribery Policy & Register - view the Policy

View our Full ESG Report

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